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General and sports medicine
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General and sports medicine
Preventing sports-related illnesses

Sports medicine specialises in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports-induced pathologies, or pathologies that may affect performance.


Athletes involved in more or less intense sports activities may suffer from malfunctions or diseases such as cardiovascular, digestive, haematological risks, joint or muscle pain. This is why careful monitoring by a doctor is essential for athletes who wish to improve their performances or treat sports pathologies like tendinitis or fractures.

Meet our doctors
Adisha Bholah
Sports Doctor

A graduate in sports medicine from University College London, she specialises in the pathologies developed by high-performance athletes: fractures, muscle and joint problems, tendinitis, etc.


She focuses her approach on supporting athletes in their daily lives. This includes treating injuries, providing advice on healthy living and helping them quickly recover from their physical trauma.

Damien Steciuk
General Practitioner
Dr Salonee Udjooda

Disciplined, ambitious, proactive, dedicated and team spirited medical professional, with extensive experience and competencies for effective daily operations and general management of a medical practice. With a strong clinical background, leadership experience and having kept up to date with evolution of technology & implemented improvements in current practice to a high level of excellence. Keen to make a change in healthcare practice in Mauritius. Winner of WIA54 (Women in Africa Initiative Program 2020).

Dr Manuel Baruzzi

I’m a Medical Doctor (Italy) and Chiropractor (United Kingdom) practicing in the field  of  Advanced Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. My academic, as well  as  professional, journey followed my strong interest in the study and treatment of pain, in its  multidimensional nature, and the promotion of wellbeing. Specifically, I dedicated my first years  of  medical  practice  to the prevention, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of the mechanical-functional pathologies of the spine and the neuro-musculo-skeletal system.

In the  last few  years I integrated my therapeutic offer with  a diploma in  Lifestyle  Medicine,  an  innovative and  evidence-based approach to the  prevention  and  cure  of  the most common chronic diseases by  means  of specific lifestyle changes. In  light  of  the deep connection  between  the  physical  and  the psychological  spheres, I am developing and applying a variety  of techniques  aimed  at  restoring  health  and  a  PAIN  FREE  LIFE.

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