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Massage Therapy
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Massage create a harmonious link between your body and soul, with many benefits. Massage therapy helps reduce your stress and muscle tension while improving the quality of sleep, the functioning of the immune system and the elimination of body toxins. It ultimately helps relax your muscles and nerves while allowing better recovery after physical exertion.

Patients of all ages and physical conditions can indulge in massage treatments. Baby massages, for example, are a common practice in India and are becoming increasingly widespread. Pregnant women can relieve their pain through targeted massages. The elderly are also very receptive to massage therapy using appropriate techniques. It is especially suited for athletes as it enables them to reach their full potential by reducing the risk of injury.

Meet our therapists
Gilbert Thomas
Massage Therapist

He supplemented his experience with training in in Elastic Kinesiotaping and Clinical Reasoning at Wellkin Hospital in 2019. He also passed levels 1 and 2 of World Rugby-certified massage treatments.

He holds a level 2 “deep tissue massage” practitioner’s certificate delivered by the Mieux Vivre massage school.

Dev Deerpaul
Sport Therapist

Dev’s qualifications include a post-graduate diploma in Sports Physiotherapy from the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland, a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine in Calcutta, India and a diploma in Orthopaedic Acupuncture from the International College of Chinese Medicine in London, UK.


He has more than 10 years’ experience as a sports therapist and works with Synergy since 2014.

François Enouf

Holds a Masseur-Physiotherapist State Diploma from IFMK Montpellier, France.


He combines specialised training in fields like the Articular System (Bernard Pionnier’s method) and World Rugby-certified First Aid & Immediate Care in Rugby in 2019.

David Brauneker
Joanita René

I provide cryotherapy and massotherapy at The Hive Healthcare with my patients' needs always in mind and guiding them to the therapy that works best for them.

In order to practice this profession, one must possess excellent human and interpersonal skills. The nature of this job, as with all people-focused jobs, requires constant listening skills, empathy, the capacity to adapt and the utmost discretion.

As a massage therapist, my work focuses on stress and emotion relief. I have been proud to cater to people’s wellness these past 13 years, while teaching them how to be aware of their bodies and in turn improve their wellbeing.

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