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This paramedical field uses active (such as medical gymnastics) or passive (massage, mobilisation, etc.) movements to provide patients with preventive or therapeutic care like rehabilitation.


Physiotherapy is becoming increasingly popular and is practised at all ages. It is mainly used after a fracture, to relieve scoliosis or pain related to osteoarthritis, lower back pain, rheumatism as well as neurological or respiratory disorders, such as chronic bronchitis. Physiotherapy helps promote athletes’ recovery following injury or surgery.

Meet our physiotherapists
François Enouf
David Brauneker
Nicolas Desjardins

I graduated from Leeds Beckett University (England) in 2017 and have worked as a physiotherapist at the NHS in intensive care, traumatology, podiatry, heart and respiratory care, as well as a counsellor for a rugby team. Following this, I have worked as an in-home physiotherapist and massage therapist in the French Alps during winter sports season.

I am now based in Mauritius where I work with hospitalised patients of all pathologies, while my counselling work allows me to care for sports injuries, post-operational and neurological rehabilitation, as well as respiratory problems in infants and children.

I provide post-operatory examination, neurological and cardiac rehabilitation, treatment of sports and common injuries, sports and therapeutic massage and health advice.

Sandrine Vatinelle

I am an experienced, caring and dedicated physiotherapist who is passionate about helping people to positively impact their health and quality of life. After working and living in Australia over a decade, I am very enthusiastic to come back to my home country and share practical knowledge. 

My experience includes neurology, women's health and musculoskeletal. My interest lies in women’s health which includes pre and postnatal conditions, menopause, sexual dysfunction and much more; and the treatment, maintenance and development of athletes and dancers alike.

I believe myself to be a diligent and professional physiotherapist, and as such continually strive to ensure my knowledge is up to date and that I am employing the latest evidence based practices (EBP).

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