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Our feet carry us around all day and all our life. They are often mistreated although their good health is essential to our well-being.


To walk, run and play without pain, you must visit a podiatrist: this foot care professional can make an accurate diagnosis and offer you a wide range of tailored treatments to quickly address all your discomfort – whether it’s relieving foot pain or treating skin conditions on the feet and nails. In addition to pedicure treatments, the podiatrist will advise you on how to prevent any risk of injury and help you correct your walking or running posture.

Meet our podiatrist
Lorraine Dehoux

Earned a bachelor’s degree in Podiatry-Podotherapy from the Haute École Léonard de Vinci in Brussels in June 2015.


Training in Strapping and Kinesio-Tapping.


Has been practising as a Podiatrist-Podotherapist in Mauritius since September 2015.


I have a special interest in diabetes prevention and health promotion in general. My work is not merely about giving care and treatment. I am involved in educating patients about their pathology, the treatment’s aim and how it works as well as the role of the different therapists in the overall care of the patient.


I enjoy working in a team with other therapists to offer a comprehensive treatment to the patient and also improve my knowledge in other areas of health care. Finally, I enjoy working with athletes. I guide them for shoes and relieve their pain with customised foot orthotics. I also generally encourage my patients to engage in physical activity, guiding them in how to do so and in their choice of shoes.

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