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In life, we are all faced with moments of doubt and uncertainty, and even difficulties that bring up a range of emotions that are hard to understand and deal with. How then can we achieve self-realisation and get through these tough times?

Psychologists’ mission is to guide their patients – whether adults or children – towards well-being by raising their awareness of their resources and helping them to better understand the nature of their emotional and psychological difficulties. Whether you need to take a step back to understand your emotions, assess your situation, overcome a traumatic experience, learn to better manage your anxiety or prepare yourself for major changes in your life, our psychologist can help you find or regain balance.

Her expertise in neuropsychology enables our psychologist to conduct clinical tests in order to better identify the nature of your disorders and suggest appropriate support methods.

Meet our clinical psychologist
Sabrina Puddoo
Clinical Psychologist

Trained as a clinical psychologist, she is involved with various associations while working as an independent psychologist. She is the Director of Operations for the Lovebridge Association since 2017, among others.


Sabrina obtained her post-graduate diploma (DESS) in Clinical and Pathological Psychology from the René Descartes Institute, University of Paris V in 2003.

Aarti Banymandhub
Clinical Psychologist

As a clinical psychologist trained in Paris and London, my work focuses on adolescents and adults in need of psychological support. My approach to psychology is contemporary and integrative. I offer counselling that englobes various practices including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and hypnotherapy.

I hold a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Paris Descartes (2013) and a Master in Neuropsychology from the University College London (2014). I have since been training in cognitive-behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy and meditation.

Elise Koenig

Holder of a Master 2 in Psychologie du Développement de l'Enfance et de l'Adolescence from the University of Paris 8, I have completed several internships in Mauritius and Belgium during which I have worked with patients aged 4 to 20 years old suffering from psychological disorders, family problems and learning disorders. The integrative approach guides my work, allowing me to assist patients based on their needs through various theoretical references like the cognitive-behavioural approach, the humanist approach and the attachment theory.

Cindy Juraver
Manon Luigi
Clinical Psychologist

I am a clinical psychologist, specialised in trauma and anxiety disorders. I offer individual, family and couple therapy. I use eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing as it is a therapy that easily stimulates the complex neuropsychological mechanism present in all of us and that allows for the treatment of unresolved trauma at the cause of various debilitating symptoms. We can, in those cases, treat the after-effects of past trauma years after they have occured.

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