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Speech therapy
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Speech therapy
Treating language disorders

As a healthcare profession, speech therapy consists of preventing, assessing and treating language and communication impairments and disorders, oro-myo-facial functions, as well as other cognitive activities.

Speech therapy relates to the multidimensions of language as a means of expression, interaction and access to symbolisation in all its forms. It provides medical care to patients of all ages with congenital, developmental or acquired disorders.

For these disorders, the speech therapist uses the most suitable techniques and know-how for the assessment and treatment of the patient, and helps in coordinating them.

Meet our speech therapists
Morgane Loquy
Speech therapist

As a graduate with First Class honours from the Libre Marie Haps Institute in Brussels, I have had the opportunity during my studies to strengthen my knowledge and professional practice through internships within varied structures and populations.

With care and professionalism at the centre of my work, my aim is to provide quality counselling, tailored to the specific needs and abilities of each individual and their entourage. I make use of activities, methods and practices of therapeutic nature with a specific predefined work expectation. The playful dimension I bring to rehabilitation supports and facilitates the child’s learning process and strengthens the effectiveness of the therapy.

With patients’ trust at the heart of my counselling practice, I aim at building a therapeutic relationship through a tailored experience and a space that allows for sharing.

Cecile Ogereau
Speech therapist

I am Cécile Ogereau, a speech therapist based in Mauritius since 2017. Originally from France, I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Nantes.

My work as a speech therapist is extremely rewarding as it allows me to work with various profiles, based on their ages, pathologies and the rehabilitation methods being used. Throughout the sessions, trust is established as building a relationship not only with the patient, but his family and his entourage, becomes of utmost importance. Ultimately, my goal is to provide tailored counselling based on the patient’s needs and what suits them best.

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