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Rules of Procedure
Rules of Procedure
Rules of Procedure


These Rules of Procedure have been established by the management of SYNERGY and may be amended at any time. The amended version displayed within the Centre’s premises shall be automatically binding on all members and subscribers.

Any registration entails automatic acceptance by the member of the Rules of Procedure as amended.

Registration/Membership Fees

Documents to be provided by new members or subscribers:
-Duly completed registration form
-1 recent passport photo
-Presentation of the current student card to be eligible for the “student” rate (required every year)

Membership is limited to holders and cannot be exchanged or transferred.

Membership may be interrupted by the management (at its sole discretion) upon presentation of a medical certificate justifying temporary suspension of physical activity (accident, pregnancy, etc.). The period of suspension must be specified in the certificate.

Termination of membership shall be notified by e-mail or by post before the 15th day of the month preceding the termination date.

“Member” status shall automatically lapse after a three months’ interruption of payment of monthly instalments.

Membership fees shall be paid by standing order or direct debit save in exceptional cases of fixed-term employment.

Any outstanding instalment shall be processed together with the following month’s payment.

The joining fee is not refundable.

Any membership fee paid to Synergy cannot be refunded. No refund of membership fees shall be allowed in case of resignation, exclusion or death of a member during the year.

Rules applicable at Synergy

Membership of Synergy implies behaving properly and respectfully towards other people, the equipment and environment.

Access to Synergy’s facilities is strictly reserved for members and subscribers.

Members and subscribers must provide proof of eligibility (membership card, subscriber card, ticket) to take part in classes and enjoy the facilities.

Opening Hours

Synergy is open:

Monday to Friday from 6:00am to 8:30pm

Saturdays from 6:30am to 6:30pm

Sundays and public holidays from 8:00am to 12:00pm

Synergy is free to change the opening hours if necessary; changes will be posted for customer notification.

Synergy reserves the right to cancel a class should there be an insufficient number of participants, and change the days and times of classes according to demand and attendance.

Dress Code

Proper and decent dress is compulsory within Synergy’s premises.

Clean sport shoes are mandatory for all activities in the training rooms (except if decided otherwise by the instructor).

For hygiene reasons, a towel is compulsory to use the weight training equipment.

Swimming Pool

Swimming trunks are forbidden (Lycra swimwear is compulsory) and swimming caps are mandatory.


All players must wear non-marking tennis shoes.

Appropriate tennis clothing is required and must be fully worn.

Glass containers are forbidden on the courts (bottle, glass, etc.).


All users are required to respect the green spaces, facilities, equipment and furniture. Anyone concerned shall provide compensation to Synergy for any damage or loss caused.


Synergy disclaims any liability in case of loss or theft.

For safety reasons, children under 15 years old are not allowed in the cardio and weight training room (unless otherwise authorised by the person in charge).

Synergy is not responsible for children outside of their training hours.

The swimming pool is not under specific surveillance outside of normal training hours and Synergy disclaims any liability in the event of an accident.

Children’s Safety

Parents will be immediately notified in the event that an accident occurs during a class (within available means).


It is prohibited to:
-use Rollerblades, skateboards or roller skates within Synergy’s premises;
-smoke, use alcohol or any other illegal substances within Synergy’s premises; or
-run in the corridors and around the pool area.

Mobile phones must be switched off prior to entering the training rooms.


A member may be expelled or suspended on serious grounds at the discretion of the management, such as:
-failure to comply with directions given by Synergy staff members;
-non-payment of membership fees;
-wilful damage to equipment;
-repeated incidents with other members
-dangerous behaviour;
-activities that are prejudicial to Synergy’s interests;
-behaviour that undermines the proper functioning, objectives and image of Synergy;
-conduct that is not in line with Synergy’s ethics; or
-non-compliance with the Rules of Procedure.

The management has sovereign control over its choices and shall take all necessary decisions in the event of a problem that has not been addressed in the Rules of Procedure.

Last updated on 12 January 2015